Hoya NXT Circular Polarizer (low profile) 49mm

Hoya NXT Circular Polarizer (low profile) 49mm

Dramatically deepens blue skies, reduces unwanted reflections on nonmetallic surfaces and saturates colors, especially outdoors.

  • $ 33.95

The Hoya NXT Circular Polarizer is an essential filter for landscape photography as it reduces or eliminates polarized light. Light rays become polarized when traveling through moisture and pollution in the atmosphere as well as when it reflects off non-metallic surfaces. A polarizing filter absorbs polarized light and helps remove unwanted reflections from non metallic surfaces such as glass or water. 

  • Darken clear blue skies to make white puffy clouds pop with better contrast. Enhance the color of foliage, not just in the autumn but year round by removing the bright sheen from leaves giving nature photos much stronger colors. 
  • The glass with the circular polarizing film is mounted in a precision milled slim frame that makes it perfect for super wide-angle lens as well as telephoto lenses. Even though the frame is thin it still has a full front filter thread that can accept a normal lens cap or stack filters.  
  • Heat resistant, high-transparency optical glass. Filter glass is non-coated.



We would always recommend cleaning a filter with a micro cloth to remove dust and general fingerprints.

Should something on the filter require a more indepth cleaning use our high-quality disposable lens tissues by Peca and the MC liquid lens cleaner.

Make sure the glass surface has to dust or grit on it.

Take a lens tussue, fold it one or twice (depending on size) and place a couple of drops of liquid lens cleaner on the tissue and wipe the tissue in a circular pattern starting from the center and moving out to the edge.

Immediately follow the first tissue with a new dry tissue using the same pattern.


Warning: We do not recommend using a micro cloth with any liguid cleaner because dust and grit an become trapped in the fibers and damage the lens or filter on subsequent uses.

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