Fujifilm X-T20 Thumbrest Black by Lensmate

Fujifilm X-T20 Thumbrest Black by Lensmate

Fujifilm has announced the X-T20, the next version of the X-T10, and it appears that the body has stayed the same with the exception of the video button and new exposure comp dial.

Our current Fujifilm X-T10 Thumbrest will fit the new camera, but we have limited stock.

We are working on a new X-T20 thumbrest, which will have a larger area for the Thumb Pad, with a slight angle change so that the fit is a little more comfortable.

Will be available in Black and Silver.

  • $ 59.95

Update March 30th 2017.

We have approved our prototypes for the X-T20 thumbrest, so our manufacturer is beinging the CNC machining this week.

Because our manufacturer's schedule is very busy our estimated date of Mid April for taking pre-orders has moved out to the last Week in April. If you are on our interested parties list we will email you as soon as we have the raw parts in hand. Shipping would then be a week or so later.


Update March 4th 2017.

We have our improved design for the Fujiflm X-T20 Thumbrest into our manufactuer. They will now work on prototypes for the metal portion and the custom silicone molds which takes about 2-3 weeks. Once we approve the prototype samples, we will go into production - estimated time is 4 weeks. Once we receive the raw parts we will start taking pre-orders, looks to be Mid-April.

The parts then go to our Anodizer in a different state, are assembled and packaged. With shipping about a week later.


Back view of the New Fujifilm X-T20, showing the addition of the DISP back button below the selector. 

X-T20 back view




Back view of the Fujifilm X-T10.

back view of X-T10



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