Fujifilm X100F Thumbrest by Lensmate

We are starting to take orders from our interested parties list, and until that list has been fulfilled the X100F Folding Thumbrest will remain unavailable to the public.

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 March 28th, 2017 Update

We have just approved both the Fujifilm X100F Folding Thumbrest metal prototype and the 3 custom silicone insert molds, and are very happy with the fit and feel on the camera, so our manufacturer is starting the CNC work this week. The CNC portion typically takes 4 weeks, as the solid metal rod had to go through 5 different stages using up to 20 different tools all set up by computer - with tolerances to 10,000 of an inch.

Because we have such a large order, our manufacturer will be shipping in 3 or 4 batches, over the next 5 weeks……………..the first batch being in about 2 1/2 weeks. Once we have the raw parts in hand, we will email the first group of customers on our interested parties list to place orders, shipping will then be a week or so out. This gives us time to have the parts bead blasted and Anodized in another State, have the parts assembled and packaged.

Then we will do the same thing on each incoming batch until we have regular stock available.


March 1st, 2017 Update

We have decided the only way to have a thumbrest work on the new X100F is to have the right hand side folding. This will allow access to the dials on the top of the camera, which require a thumb and finger to operate, and access to the back dial and AEL/AFL button.

We hope to have the 3D drawing into our manufacture this week so they can start on prototypes of both the metal portion and the new silicone molds needed for the inserts. This takes 2-3 weeks. Once we approve the prototypes the actual CNC machining takes 4 weeks. We plan on taking pre-orders mid April.



January 20th 2017 Update

Fujifilm just announced the New Fujifilm X100F, the successor to the X100T shown below. They have eliminated the small bump out under the hot shoe housing, and added the viewmode button, so our current X100T Thumbrest will not fit.

Until we have the camera in hand and look at all the design options, we are not sure if this will need to be a folding thumbrest or not. If you leave your email address we will keep you posted on our progress.

Design time along iwth 3D drawings usually takes 10 days, prototypes of the metal portion and the custom silicone molds then take 2-3 weeks, once we approve the part, manufacturing takes approximatetly 4 weeks. Just so you have an idea on the timeline. Cost $59.95.







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