Hoya Close-Up Macro Filter +10 (double coated) 49mm

Hoya Close-Up Macro Filter +10 (double coated) 49mm

The Hoya Close-Up Macro Filter +10 is a lens of 2-element, 2-group construction and a +10 diopter rating. 

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Focusing is possible at 10cm for super close-ups of insects, flowers, and other small objects.

The magnification is about 1:2 with a 50mm standard lens (35mm camera), roughly equivalents to a 100mm telephoto lens. The lens should be stopped down as much as possible to get the maximum depth-of-field.

Hoya filters are "hard-coated", meaning the metals and chemicals that make up the coating are applied in a furnace to bond them to the surface of the glass.

We would always recommend cleaning a filter with a micro cloth to remove dust and general fingerprints.

Should something on the filter require a more indepth cleaning use our high-quality disposable lens tissues by Peca and the MC liquid lens cleaner.

Make sure the glass surface has to dust or grit on it.

Take a lens tussue, fold it one or twice (depending on size) and place a couple of drops of liquid lens cleaner on the tissue and wipe the tissue in a circular pattern starting from the center and moving out to the edge.

Immediately follow the first tissue with a new dry tissue using the same pattern.


Warning: We do not recommend using a micro cloth with any liguid cleaner because dust and grit an become trapped in the fibers and damage the lens or filter on subsequent uses.



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