Fujifilm X-T1 (also fits X-T2) Thumbrest Black by Lensmate

Engineered specifically for the Fujifilm X-T1, with ideal length and curve geometry.

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Designed specifically for the Fujifilm X-T1, (also fits X-T2) with ideal length and curve geometry.

  • The sculpted thumbrest relaxes your grip on the camera, reduces camera shake and allows slower shutter speeds.
  • Makes one handed operation easier and prevents unintentional button presses.
  • Camera specific design retains access to all controls.

  • Do all your soft release buttons fit the X-T2 ?  Yes, since the Fujifilm X-T2 has a standard release mount, unlike the X-T1, all our customs buttons fit. The X-T1 requires the Lolumina Stick on Button.


  • Integrated silicone insert provides both thumb grip and bumper between the rest and camera body.
  • Silicone insert in the hot shoe tab provides resistance to unintentional ejection.
  • Machined out of solid 6061 Aluminum rod, then bead blasted for texture and anodized for a tough finish.


Important Tips

Using the Lensmate X-T1 thumbrest, with either the X-T1 or the X-T2 we found that using an add-on convex soft release on the shutter button places the index finger in a more relaxed and ergonomic position (with the finger draped over the button, usually not using the finger tip).

See our Lensmate custom threaded soft release buttons for the X-T2, or the non-threaded soft release button made by Lolumina for the X-T1.



Can I use the extended Fujifilm eye cup with the X-T1 Thumbrest?

Yes the Lensmate X-T1 Thumbrest is compatible with either style eye cup.

Do I need a stick on soft release button X-T1 ?

Using the Lensmate X-T1 thumbrest, we found that using an add-on soft release on the shutter button places the index finger in a more relaxed and ergonomic position. (With the finger draped over the button, usually not using the finger tip.)

Do you offer a Graphite colored X-T1 Thumbrest? 

We did look into the graphite camera model, and because the metal is darker than Fujifilm’s other cameras it makes it very tricky. If you are not able to match the color exactly it looks like it was a mistake. 

We like to Anodize our parts which gives the finish a really tough surface, rather than Paint the part which is very easy to color match, and in the past spent a month trying to match a dark grey with no success - so after much consideration we are only going to offer the X-T1 in Black. 

The Black Thumbrest looks great on the camera as the viewfinder hood is black, and having black towards the top of the camera will even out the Black and Graphite.


Dear Susan,

I received the Fuji X-T1 thumbrest yesterday. This was my third, already having purchased Lensmate thumbrests for my Fuji X100 and X-E1 in the past.

I just wanted to express my thanks for this genius design and high quality product. Thanks to the Lensmate thumbrest my X-T1 has become a different camera altogether. The beforehand "down-pulling" effect using the rather heavy zoom and older legacy lenses has gone altogether, the camera is now a joy to use, even one-handed.

I shall certainly recommend it to anybody asking for advice in the numerous photography blogs in regard to which thumbrest to choose. As far as I have seen so far Lensmate is the only one producing a thumbrest for the X-T1 but I'm sure that "cheapies" which cannot fulfil your and the user quality standards will follow.

Best Regards,
Michael Austria



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