Lensmate Lee Filter Holder Adapter

Lensmate Lee Filter Holder Adapter

 Now you can add ND, ND Grad, or any filter that fits the Lee filter holder (100mm wide) to the Lensmate G10 72mm lens adapter.  There is no vignetting at any focal length. 

(If you use the Lee 72mm WA adapter ring mounted on a low profile polarizer, you will get vignetting like the sample below at 28mm. To eliminate it, you must zoom to about 34mm. You can use the Lee 72mm WA adapter ring without a polarizer with no vignetting.)

The Lensmate Lee filter holder adapter attaches to the Lee filter holder using slightly longer screws which replace the original ones.  Once attached, the assembly snaps into the Lensmate G10B 72mm groove and is ready for use.  With a 72mm low-profile polarizer attached to the lens adapter, all 3 slots are accessible for 100mm square/rectangular filters.  

To use, simply snap the holder into the groove of the Lensmate G10B 72mm lens adapter, add the polarizer, then the square filter(s), adjust and shoot.  


  • Replace each stock screw with one of the longer ones supplied.  We recommend doing this one screw at a time to avoid possible scrambling of the filter holder bits.  The new screws will stick out 1/4" or so on the rear side.  This is where the spacers and mounting plate will go. 
  • Add the spacers first, then the mounting plate. 
  • Secure with the 4 nuts supplied.  Finger tight is adequate.  If you need to use the filter holder on another camera, simply remove the Lensmate mounting plate and replace the nuts to cover the screws.  

To attach the Lee filter holder to the Lensmate 72mm lens adapter:  If you're combining a round filter (thread-on) with the Lee holder, attach the Lee holder to the lens adapter first before the round filter. With the Lensmate adapter resting against the back of the Lee filter holder, just push the holder into the groove of the Lensmate adapter until it pops in - that's it. (Hold onto the lens adapter for support while doing this to prevent stressing the lens barrel). 

Then attach the round filter before sliding in square filters. You can use any of the Lee filter grooves without vignetting, so if you're using a round polarizer, you might want to use the outside square filter grooves to allow access to the polarizer. Simply rotate the filter holder assembly on the lens adapter to desired orientation.

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