Sony a6300 (also fits a6500) Folding Thumbrest by Lensmate

The Sony a6300 (also fits a6500) Folding Thumbrest improves ones grip while still having access to all the control buttons and dials, this enhances the functionally of an already great camera.


  • $ 49.95
  • Save $ 10.00 (reg. $ 59.95)

We designed the Sony a6300 (also fits a6500) Folding Thumbrest by Lensmate to allow easy access to all of the buttons, and to quickly get out of the way when you need to get to the top dials. A light push with the thumb swings the rest 40° out from the camera and a light action ball detent keeps the thumbrest in the opened or closed position.




  • The sculpted thumbrest relaxes your grip on the camera, reduces camera shake and allows slower shutter speeds.
  • Makes one handed operation easier and prevents unintentional button presses.
  • Camera specific design retains access to all controls. Does not effect operation of built in flash or articulated LCD screen.
  • Integrated silicone insert provides both thumb grip and bumper between the rest and camera body.
  • Silicone insert in the hot shoe tab provides resistance to unintentional ejection.
  • Machined out of solid 6061 Aluminum rod, then bead blasted for texture and anodized for a tough finish.


Below is the a6300 Folding Thumbrest on the Sony A6500.




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