Fujifilm X100V Thumb Grip by Lensmate - Top Notch !

Fujifilm X100V Thumb Grip by Lensmate - Top Notch !
"You folks make some really nice stuff. Thanks for the attention to detail, the quality of the parts, and the satisfyingly designed packaging. Top notch."
Kirk Thibault - photo & review


Leica C-LUX - How to add filters with no vignetting.

Leica C-LUX - now you can add filters with no vignetting through out the entire focal range using our Quick Change Filter Adapter Kit 52mm.

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Correct Hand position using convex soft release button and Lensmate Thumbrest.

Using the Lensmate thumbrest and a convex button, the thumb and hand relax, the forefinger extends so it can drape over the shutter button and release more smoothly.

Testimonial and customer photo by Brian Pentke.

Customer Photo - Fujifilm X-T2 with Lensmate X-T1 Thumbrest by Brian Prentke.


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Sony A6300 Review From the Field - A great Bear camera.

Luminous Landscape's Kevin Raber reviews the Sony A6300, including our Sony A6300 Folding Thumbrest and lots of big lenses while shooting Bears in Alaska.  

Luminous Landscape A Great Bear Camera


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