One of the Best Accessories for the Sony RX100 VI - a Filter Adapter by Lensmate

The Lensmate Quick Change Filter Adapter Kit 52mm for the Sony RX100 VI is a 2 Part system which has been specifically designed for the Sony RX100 VI. This system allows the use of any standard 52mm filter with no vignetting throughout the entire focal range.

 Below on left is Part 1 only, on right is Part 1, Part 2 and a 52mm polarizer.



There are a couple of other 3rd party filter adapters available for the RX100 VI but they only have a single Part that adheres to the camera with a threaded front. Every time you screw or unscrew your filter it will put undue stress on the adhesive.

The beauty of the Lensmate Quick Change Filter Adapter System is:


  • our compact receiver (Part 1) stays on the camera all the time.
  • the actual filter holder (Part 2) has a bayonet mount on the inside and a threaded 52mm mount on the front.
  • Since you always screw and unscrew your 52mm filter to Part 2 off the camera, then bayonet to Part 1 - there is no stress put on the 3M adhesive. 
  • only takes a 1/4 turn to bayonet to Part 1.
  • the 2 parts fit inside each other only adding 1/8 of an inch.

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