One of the Best Accessories for the Sony RX100 VI - a Filter Adapter by Lensmate

Now you can add filters to your Sony RX100 VI with no vignetting through out the entire focal range.


Our Quick change Filter Adapter Kits have been hugely popular for the Sony RX100 series, and we are excited to have a newly design Kit that fits the larger lens and different shaped lens housing on the Sony RX100 VI. 

Click here. to sign up for our Interested Parties List and we will email you once we start taking pre-orders. Cost $24.95.

Estimated timeline end of August, to first week of September.


Using the Lensmate Quick-Change Filter Adapter kit, only the tiny receiver stays on the camera (it adds only 3mm to the depth of the camera). The filter/filter holder assembly bayonets onto the receiver for quick changes without having to thread the filter on and off. The filter holder is retained by a low tension locking system, so very little torque is applied to the lens barrel when attaching and detaching it.

There is no chance of flash blockage at any focal length (with the filter holder removed), since the receiver is smaller in diameter than the end of the lens barrel. It attaches to the camera using a 3M dual-sided adhesive film which holds tenaciously yet is easy to remove cleanly and safely when desired.

We designed the system so that the filter remains in the filter holder and is attached/detached as an assembly. The filter holder bayonets onto camera with less than 90ø of rotation to the locked position.



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