Lolumina Mini Soft Release Button (for non-threaded mounts) - 10mm

The Lolumina Mini Stick-on Soft Release Button Kit - 10mm is available in Black, Gold, Green, Red, Silver.

Fits Fujifilm X-T100, X-T2, X-T1, Sony A6500 & A6300.

  • $ 11.95

  • Fits any shutter button that does not have a threaded mount.
  • Works well on the Fujifilm X-T1 with the Lensmate X-T1 Thumbrest or the Sony a6300/a6000 with the Lensmate a6300/a6000 Folding Thumbrest .
  • Most users of the domed soft release button find that the new position places the first joint of the shutter finger over the shutter button when the hand is relaxed, enabling a softer shutter release and allowing lower shutter speeds without shake.

Complete Kit: Includes Soft-Release Button And Mounting Base with detailed install instructions.




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