Panasonic Lumix DMC LX10/LX15 Quick Change Adapter Kit 52mm by Lensmate - Sold out - next shipment May 29th

Now you can add filters to your Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10 / LX15 with no vignetting throughout the entire focal range.


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Now you can add filters to your Panasonic Lumix DMC LX10/LX15 with no vignetting throughout the entire focal range. 

Using the Lensmate Quick-Change Filter Adapter kit, only the tiny receiver stays on the camera (it adds only 3mm to the depth of the camera). The filter/filter holder assembly bayonets onto the receiver for quick changes without having to thread the filter on and off. The filter holder is retained by a low tension locking system, so very little torque is applied to the lens barrel when attaching and detaching it.

There is no chance of flash blockage at any focal length (with the filter holder removed), since the receiver is smaller in diameter than the end of the lens barrel. It attaches to the camera using a 3M dual-sided adhesive film which holds tenaciously yet is easy to remove cleanly and safely when desired.

We designed the system so that the filter remains in the filter holder and is attached/detached as an assembly. The filter holder bayonets onto camera with less than 90° of rotation to the locked position.

The low tension locking system assures that the lens barrel won't be harmed by over-enthusiastic tightening (or loosening) of the filter. The ability to quickly change the filter without having to thread/unthread should appeal to filter users. You'll find that you're more likely to use your filters when they can be mounted and removed this easily.

The Panasonic Lumix DMC LX10/LX15 Quick-Change Filter Holder kit 52mm is comprised of the following:
  • The receiver with custom 3M adhesive ring (Part 1 - stays on the camera)
  • The filter holder (Part 2)
  • 52mm clip in style lens cap.
  • A hinged lid container for the filter/filter holder/lens cap assembly for convenient storage.
  • Safe removal device.

Panasonic Lumix DMC LX10/LX15 Installation Instructions - no install tool required


NOTE: Sony RX100 shown in photos


  • Best done at room temperature.
  • Turn the camera on and remove the battery.
  • Use the alcohol wipe to clean the front of the lens barrel. Use care not to squeeze excess fluid onto the camera. Allow to dry completely.
  • Part 1 comes with orange tape across the part marking the 2 "ears", when the orange tape is parallel to the top of the camera, the "ears" will be level. This positioning does not affect the function of mounting the filter - it's just for aesthetics. After removing the backing from the adhesive, use the thumb and forefinger of both hands to lower the ring into position, noting the aforementioned position of the orange tape (which can be removed beforehand if preferred). If you're happy with the position of the ring, press it down lightly. If not, you can still reposition the ring to your liking.
  • Replace the battery and turn the camera off to retract the lens. Now press firmly on the ring, remove the orange tape if you haven't already, and installation is complete. To use, screw your filter into the holder, then simply bayonet this assembly onto the receiver and start shooting.
  • Read Important Tips below.

Tip: The 3M adhesive is very secure when installed correctly and using 1 or 2 filters. However, it does not do well with lateral forces. If you are using a camera bag place the camera on its back so you can pull the camera in and out easily without rubbing the front of the camera against the side of the bag, or remove Part 2 with the filter attached. 

Important Tips

1. We recommend attaching and detaching filters from the filter holder when it's off the camera. In fact, you can't unscrew the filter from the filter holder on the camera because it will just remove the filter/ holder assembly as it was designed to do. Don't over tighten the filter - it requires little force to stay attached to the holder. 

2. If you use a snug fitting bag or case, we recommend removing the filter holder/filter assembly before stowing the camera. If you do leave it on, be sure to check that the filter holder is still in the locked position when you use it again. 

3. Some polarizers rotate with enough friction to remove the filter holder assembly when rotated in the direction of removal. If this happens, rotate the polarizer in the direction of attachment only. 

4. If you use a wrist strap, be aware that jostling can dislodge the filter holder from the camera.


Removing the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10/LX15 Quick Change receiver from the camera.

  • Don't turn the camera on, just remove the battery so you don't accidentally power up the camera. Lay the camera on its back. Let the thread of the removal tool find the space between the receiver and the end of the lens. Pull down and across - it should easily separate the two.
  • Don't reuse the same adhesive once removed as it's probably been compromised in the removal process.





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